Merricks House 

Date - Saturday 2nd January 2016

Where - 3460 Frankston, Flinders Road, Merricks Victoria 3916

Vayu will be exhibiting 20 new pieces at Merricks General Wine Store

Please join us for some opening drinks from 3pm-5pm 

James Corbett - Car Sculptor

Date: Thursday October 8 - Saturday October 31

Address:  68 New South Head Road, Edgecliff, NSW

Due to high demand, the Michael Commerford Gallery will be exhibiting 23 new pieces of work from artist James Corbett.

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Guest artist David Benson's Sydney exhibition


Address:  68 New South Head Road, Edgecliff, NSW

David Benson's 'Northern Beaches' exhibition will show a series of paintings that focus on Sydney coastlines. 

After graduating from the from National Art School, Paddington, David spent 3 years surfing, studying and travelling through Australia, Nepal, India and Bali. In 1979 David joined a Hare Krsna Temple in Nepal before returning to Sydney to pursue his life as an artist and to continue his spiritual journey. While living in Manly, his love for the water plus his new spiritual connection formed a new palette as he began documenting his local coastlines. 

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Yallingup Exhibition

Date: 7th March - 19th March

Address:  134 Marrinup Drive, Yallingup

Vayu is exhibiting his work in Yallingup where he will feature 15 new pieces
Please come and join us for opening drinks

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Switzerland Exhibition

Date: 29 November - 31 December

Address:  3460 Frankston - Flinders Road, Merricks, Victoria, 3196

Vayu returns to Merricks House with an exhibition inspired from his recent trip to Switzerland. The works feature cows, farm animals and wildlife.

Please come and join us for opening drinks and a chance to meet with the artist.

Melbourne MCG Opening

Date: May 23rd, 7-9pm

Address: 61 Dundas Place, Albert Park, Melbourne

The talents of James, Reni and Vayu have been featured both nationally and internationally drawing in much attention from art lovers, tourism and media. 
Melbourne’s gallery is a response to this and will enable their artwork to be more readily available.
“Opening the gallery in Melbourne is exciting for us, we will reach a large and sophisticated audience and at the end of the day it is a lot of fun.”

VAYU at Moree Gallery

Date: 8th November - 6th December

Address: Max Centre, Heber St, Moree, 2400

Vayu is making his return to Moree Gallery this November. The exhibition will be his second in Moree following his success in 2011 from his show "Find your love". 10 new pieces will be hung by Vayu which can all be viewed from the exhibitions opening at 10am on November 8th.

VAYU at Merricks General Wine Store

Date: 27th September - 6th November
Address: 3460 Frankston_Flinders Road, Merricks, Melbourne 

Vayu is making his return to Merricks General Wine Store by popular demand with his new exhibition, Soul Show. A special two course lunch will be prepared by our head chef, Chris Roberts & matched with wines from Baillieu for an opportunity to sit down at an artists lunch and discuss with Vayu his inspiration, travel and work. Soul Show will feature 19 new works by Vayu. 

James Corbett at The Michael Commerford Gallery

Date: 30th May 2013, 6.30pm
Address: 68 New South Head Road, Edgecliff, Sydney

Renowned sculptor, James Corbett who works exclusively with recycled car parts from crank shafts to hub caps is back in Australia with his first exhibition at the Michael Commerford gallery in five years after exhibiting and delivering commissions overseas.