Myanmar Commission


Reni Küng is a Swiss born artist, exhibiting exclusively at Michael Commerford Gallery. Her medium is light sculpture, primarily working with natural and discarded materials. From now until the end of July, Reni has two large-scale wall lights on display that she invites you to experience before they’re packed up and shipped to Myanmar. These light sculptures took over two 7 months to build, with the entire process taking 2 years. They were created for a husband and wife, whose bond and individualism served as inspiration for both pieces.
In January 2016 Reni went to Myanmar to meet with the couple that had commissioned her, so far having only communicated with the interior designer and the architect. She presented her previous works and read how they reacted to what they saw. Reni’s passion for her work was palpable, resulting in artistic freedom for her to interpret and create. During this visit to Myanmar, Reni attended a lunch with the couple and developed a true sense of their dynamics. They had a strong connection, with hardly any interaction between them. There was a link and they didn’t need any demonstrative behaviours. The concept to build two light sculptures came to life, one male and one female. They would face one another on two levels, symbolic of two people knowing one another.

The female light is made of handmade stinging nettle string, interlacing a female quality. Reni used broken glass from the beach that had been softened by the sea, enhancing the movement of the three stripes that extend from the core of the light, through to the edges. The stripes harness the soft light and energy, embodying the wife’s presence and strength. Her light will be placed on the upper level, guiding downwards towards his. 

The male lights nautilus movement is almost jagged, distending and making way for sharp streaks of light. To achieve a contrast, Reni used Tiger Bamboo, Black Bamboo and Natural Bamboo. The husband has a leading quality to him and a strong personality that can be harsh, but clear. The use of Bamboo represents his masculine qualities and characterises Myanmar itself. Bamboo is a prominent building material and is often used for scaffolding. His light will be situated in the meditation room on the lower floor.