Reni set to light up Toko Dubai

Famous to many local fine diners, Sydney's Toko is set to take on the international scene and is taking Reni with them. 


Complimenting the unique and informal style of Japanese dining, Reni's lighting has become an integral part of the experience for diners at Toko Restaurant's and Bars- which is set to continue for Dubai in November 2013. This commission is Reni's primary focus for the 3 month lead up to the opening of Dubai, working on the feature 1.8m wall sculpture "Toko 2" as well as various smaller light sculptures. 


"To me a job like Toko is my stage and the diners are my audience. What really makes Toko special was the personal contact with the owners who trusted my vision and went with it. To go big is really exciting and a commission like this offers this opportunity."

With sculptures now in various world class locations such as Centre Point Towers 360 Restaurant and various Toko locations Reni's sculptures will be experienced by hundreds on a daily basis. 


Light sculpture progress for Toko, Dubai

Light sculpture progress for Toko, Dubai