from car part to art

Renowned sculptor, James Corbett who works exclusively with recycled car parts from crank shafts to hub caps is back in Australia with his first exhibition in five years after exhibiting and delivering commissions overseas.


The Michael Commerford gallery who has represented Corbett for the last decade will be showing some of his latest extraordinary pieces where he has converted and moulded metal into organic representations of Australian fauna and a range of creepy crawlies. His sculptures take on an uncanny resemblance to animals where at any moment you think that they may take flight or worse still, bite.

Appealing to all, from collectors to kids, this exhibition and sale of work will astonish and charm. From the assembly line to the gallery floor, this is a lesson is artful recycling and reconstruction.

James Corbett at The Michael Commerford Gallery

Dates: 30th May 2013
Address: 68 New South Head Road, Edgecliff, Sydney