Poetry and artwork by Vayu

it's personal..

Vayu is delighted to share with you his follow up to 'because i love you'.

"This book, his second, reads 64 pages of portraits and poetry, continuing his relish for understanding the truths of the soul, nature and God. 

'it's personal' is a collectible limited addition of 100 signed and numbered copies. priced at $550, the book is available at the studio or via contact.

Vayu - 'it's personal...'



because i love you...

Vayu has continued to push his creative process with the completion of his first book "because i love you". The book reads 64 pages of poetry and artwork which pays homage to the process of self realisation.

Each spread consists of an artwork paired next to a poem further creating a spiritual connection with its subject. This has allowed Vayu to further explore his process in finding new ways to express himself both verbally and visually.


" I am humbled by this experience in making this book. When I look back over it hard to believe that I have created this."

"Because i love you" is limited to 100 signed and numbered copies, and is available at the studio or via contact.